Ambassador recruitment and training, local marketing initiatives, weekly group feedback sessions, one-on-one meetings, event coordination, and feedback synthesis.

Ambassador Task List

  1. Content Creation:
    • Task: Post 5-7 videos per week on the Connyct platform.
    • Objective: Drive user engagement and showcase the platform’s capabilities.
    • Guidelines: Ensure content aligns with Connyct’s brand values and community guidelines.
  2. Event Promotion and Participation:
    • Task: Add weekly events and parties to the Connyct platform.
    • Objective: Increase user participation and showcase the platform’s event features.
    • Guidelines: Events should cater to diverse interests and foster community building.
  3. Community Building:
    • Task: Create and test groups with personal networks.
    • Objective: Encourage community engagement and test the platform’s group functionalities.
    • Guidelines: Groups should reflect varied interests and foster positive interactions.
  4. Survey Participation:
    • Task: Actively participate in surveys and provide detailed feedback.
    • Objective: Gather user insights to improve the platform.
    • Guidelines: Feedback should be honest, constructive, and comprehensive.
  5. Pain Point Identification:
    • Task: Help identify pain points, needs, and interests of college students.
    • Objective: Understand user needs to enhance the platform’s relevance.
    • Guidelines: Observe and report on common challenges and preferences among peers.
  6. Campus Network Exploration:
    • Task: Identify and engage with campus groups, popular activities, bars, and venues.
    • Objective: Understand and integrate with the campus social scene.
    • Guidelines: Focus on diverse groups and activities that align with Connyct’s ethos.
  7. Mission Alignment:
    • Task: Provide insights on how Connyct’s mission can best serve the ambassadors and their peers.
    • Objective: Align the platform’s development with real student needs and preferences.
    • Guidelines: Reflect on personal experiences and observations to provide actionable insights.

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