Kiss FOMO Goodbye.

Connyct was born out of the desire to create a college space where everyone could find their crowd, express their creativity,

and make connections that go beyond likes and comments

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    Be the trendsetter!

    Connyct is College Social

    College Focused

    No parents. No bosses. Just us. A place for you.


    A space for every club, class, team, and passion. Dive into the communities that matter to you.


    Find and organize parties. See where your friends are. Never miss out. Plan what matters to you.

    While TikTok and Meta compromise
    your privacy, Connyct prioritizes it.

    the Key to campus life

    College Focused

    Express who you are and what you love. Without the fear of your parents opinions, your bosses expectations, or some creeps prying eye.

    Make friends, share stories, and plan events on a platform where you are more than just a face in the crowd. Your school email is the key to the door to this exclusive club.

    Squad up


    Whether you’re part of a team, class, club, or just want to talk to others with common interests, Connyct allows you to step into a space that’s hand crafted for you and others with similar passions.

    Go beyond a regular group chat and share videos and pictures on a page just for those who are as involved as you are. Have your friends and peers take polls and interact with content that you or other members of your community have made.

    NO mo’ FOMO


    Plan the next big party, school club gathering, social movement, or a simple study group. Know who’s coming with easy RSVP features. Promote, create, and post content all in the same space. With Connyct, you’ll never miss out.

    See where your friends are heading this weekend and never miss out on where the party is gonna be. See what clubs and organizations are hosting events and easily let them know you’ll be there.

    Why Choose Us


    We protect your content and your identity. Share memories without being afraid of your data being misused. Be who you want to be, free from prying eyes.


    Express yourself with our photo and video tools. Be who you really are. Share your journey and connect with people who are passionate like you.


    Unite over shared passions, enriching experiences, and inspiring ideas. Every action is a step towards a more vibrant community.


    Bring Connyct To Your School

    Champion the cause of community and collaboration by introducing Connyct to your campus. Reach out to us and we’ll tailor an exclusive digital space with groups and content crafted specifically for your school’s unique culture and needs.

    Once your campus’s digital hub goes live, the torch passes to you, your friends, and your crew. It’s your initiative, enthusiasm, and creativity that will transform Connyct into the heartbeat of campus life, a place to share, innovate, and enjoy unforgettable moments together.

    We’re calling on you

    Connyct Ambassador Program

    Join Connyct as a College Ambassador, where passion meets purpose, and influence shapes experience. We’re in search of dynamic college visionaries who are not just socially savvy but are the pulse of campus life—students who mingle with ease, inspire their peers, and boast a robust social media footprint.

    You’re the trendsetter, the connector, the voice your campus turns to. You have an insider’s perspective on what ignites student engagement and a talent for creating buzz.

    We’re calling on trailblazers eager to elevate the campus experience, ensuring every student is in the loop and part of the conversation. If you’re ready to steer the Connyct community into a new era of campus interaction, we’re ready for you.

    Frequently asked Questions

    Connyct is a social media platform focused for college students. It uniquely blends short-form video content, community interaction, and real-time communication, offering a comprehensive social experience. Whether it’s engaging with personalized video content, connecting in interest-based communities, or chatting with friends, Connyct provides a seamless and integrated platform for all your social media needs.

    Starting with Connyct is easy. Simply download the app from the iOS App Store, set up your account, and you’re ready to dive into a world of engaging content and vibrant communities. The iOS version is set to launch in Q2 2024, so stay tuned for updates!

    Our team is actively working on developing the Android version of Connyct. We aim to bring the Connyct experience to Android users as soon as possible and will keep you updated on our progress.

    Currently, Connyct is focused on providing the best experience on mobile devices, with our app available on iOS and soon on Android. A desktop version is on our roadmap. Stay tuned for future updates regarding accessibility on other devices.

    Just like any social media platform you have the ability to spend as little or as much time using the app. Upload daily videos and images to your friends and groups or just check weekly to see what parties are going on. The choice is up to you.

    Connyct offers a diverse range of features including:

    • Personalized Content Feeds: Tailored video content based on your interests and community engagement.
    • Community Channels: Create or join communities that match your interests.
    • Event Creation: Organize and participate in events, enhancing real-world connections.
    • Dynamic Feed: A central hub combining various content forms for a rich experience.
    • Chat: Single or group chat experiences.
    • User Collaboration: Share and interact with content, fostering community connections.
    • Music: Licensed tracks from major record labels.

    Engaging in communities on Connyct is simple. You can join existing communities that align with your interests or create your own. Participation can range from posting content, commenting on discussions, or even organizing community events.

    We encourage creativity and expression while respecting community guidelines. Content should be respectful of your fellow humans.

    Yes, Connyct offers both individual and group chat options, allowing you to have private conversations and engage in group discussions with friends or community members.

    Your feed on Connyct is personalized using advanced algorithms that analyze your interests, interactions, and preferences. This ensures that the content you see is relevant and engaging, tailored specifically to you.

    Connyct employs a combination of community driven, AI-driven tools, and human oversight to moderate content, ensuring a safe and respectful environment. We strictly enforce our community guidelines to maintain the quality and integrity of interactions on the platform. We have a slew of continued moderation tools and improvements on our roadmap.

    User privacy and data protection are paramount on Connyct. We employ advanced security measures to protect your data and provide clear privacy settings, allowing you to control your information and how it’s shared. All data is stored in the United States.

    For support or to report any concerns, you can reach out to our dedicated support team through the app. We are committed to addressing your queries and concerns promptly.

    Of course. Connyct is fully free. No ads.

    Connyct will be available on Apple devices in Q1 2024. A version of the app for Android is in development. A desktop version is planned.

    When creating an account the app will ask if you would like to share your contacts. This is completely optional. We do not store or track this information. If you don’t want to give access to contacts, no worries. We use it only to let you find people. We’ll then show you a list of all your contacts with an account and all you have to do is press add.

    We have an aggressive plan for rolling out new features and updates, continuously enhancing the Connyct experience. While we’re excited about our roadmap, we also value your feedback. After all, we’re building Connyct for you!

    Your feedback is crucial to us. You can share your thoughts and suggestions through the app’s feedback section. To stay updated on new features and developments, follow us on our social media channels and subscribe to our newsletter.